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ICS Levi and Olivia Hall - Innovative Construction SVC - Roofing Contractor

Innovative Construction Services, LLC (ICS) was established in January 2014 by brothers, Levi and Jeremy Hall.    Jeremy Hall began following his calling of full time field work soon after and ICS is owned and managed by Levi Hall, with his wife Olivia right by his side.

ICS, Innovative Construction Services, LLC,  began renting an office in January 2014; giving ICS its first office/warehouse; located in Arlington, Texas.  We grew from having only 3 employees to over 10 by 2016 and the main office was then moved to Midlothian, Texas; our hometown.  

Innovative Construction Services, LLC covers all types of roof systems; however, our primary installation is residential and commercial composition roofing.  ICS specializes in custom more intricate roofing such as tile; metal and single ply and built up roof systems. Other areas of work includes emergency services and demolitions; remodeling to include finish out product such as flooring, sheet rock, tile, granite, and paintwork but no major structural modifications.

All thanks and glory to God for our employees, along with our wonderful vendors, subcontractors, and terrific customer base in helping to make Innovative Construction Services, LLC, a thriving company today. 

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Our mission statement...

“Building on Strong Principles,” Knowing it’s about so much more than business.